Castlesteads stone-paved area

Alastair Rees (Author)

Adam Jackson (Author)

Bill Finlayson (Author)

Torben Ballin (Author)

Ciara Clarke (Author)

Castlesteads Stonepaved, Fieldwalking, Saddle Quern, Sandstone, Palynological Analysis, Flint Flakes
Prehistoric, Second Millennium Bc


A scatter of chert and flint flakes noted during fieldwalking led to the discovery of a stone-paved area. This was associated with a feature interpreted as a soakaway 'sink'. Artefacts include part of a saddle quern, a small perforated sandstone pebble and a small group of undiagnostic lithics. Samples taken for palynological analysis were found to be unsuitable. The small size of the artefact assemblage and the lack of any close parallels make interpretation extremely difficult.


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Rees, Alastair, Adam Jackson, Bill Finlayson, Torben Ballin, and Ciara Clarke. 2010. “Castlesteads Stone-Paved Area”. Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 44 (January), 36-40.