Artefactual, environmental and archaeological evidence from the Holyrood Parliament Site excavations

Adrian Cox (Author)

Derek Hall (Author)

Effie Photos-Jones (Author)

Robin Murdoch (Author)

Julie Franklin (Author)

Torben Ballin (Author)

Nicholas Holmes (Author)

Dennis Gallagher (Author)

Stephen Carter (Author)

Tim Holden (Author)

Mhairi Hastie (Author)

Catherine Smith (Author)

Ruby Cerron-Carrasco (Author)

Ash, Coal Ash, Midden
Holyrood Parliament Site; Queensberry House. NGR: NT 26664 73847
Medieval, Prehistoric, Bronze Age, Mesolithic


A summary of these specialist reports (Parts 1 and 2) was published in 2008 in the monograph on the Holyrood Parliament Site Project: Scotland's Parliament Site and the Canongate: Archaeology and History by the Holyrood Archaeology Project Team, Chapter 3.9 & 3.10 (HAPT 2008). Except for sections 3.9 and 3.10, Chapter 3 in that monograph has been repeated here as Part 3, in order to provide the archaeological context for the artefactual and environmental evidence alongside the specialist reports.


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Cox, Adrian, Derek Hall, Effie Photos-Jones, Robin Murdoch, Julie Franklin, Torben Ballin, Nicholas Holmes, Dennis Gallagher, Stephen Carter, Tim Holden, Mhairi Hastie, Catherine Smith, and Ruby Cerron-Carrasco. 2010. “Artefactual, Environmental and Archaeological Evidence from the Holyrood Parliament Site Excavations”. Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 40 (January).