The excavation

Derek Hall (Author)

Simon Chenery (Author)

Adrian Cox (Author)

Effie Photos-Jones (Author)

Catherine Smith (Author)

Mhairi Hastie (Author)

Pottery, Plant Remains, Bone Objects Metallurgical Waste Analysis Faunal Remains, Radiocarbon Dating, Pottery Copper Alloy
15th Century


A brief account of methodology is followed by an archaeological description which is organised into four phases: phase 1 is 8th-9th centuries; phase 2 is 9th-10th centuries; phase 3 is 10th-11th centuries; phase 4 is 15th century. This is followed by a brief account of the radiocarbon dating. There are specialist reports on pottery, geochemical fingerprinting of pottery, copper alloy and bone objects, metallurgical waste analysis, faunal remains and plant remains.


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Hall, Derek, Simon Chenery, Adrian Cox, Effie Photos-Jones, Catherine Smith, and Mhairi Hastie. 2008. “The Excavation”. Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 28 (January), 5-17.