A Bronze Age burial from Pabay Mor, Isle of Lewis, Western Isles

Rachel Barrowman (Author)

Lorna Innes (Author)

Paul Duffy (Contributor)

Gavin MacGregor (Contributor)

Beverley Ballin Smith (Contributor)

Human Remains, Bone, Mandible, Polished Stone, Grave, Burial
Western Isles, Scotland, UK
Bronze Age


In 2002 human remains were reported eroding from a section of sandy cliff on the eastern side of the island of Pabay Mor, Isle of Lewis (NGR: NB 1048 3795). Subsequent excavation of the site was undertaken by GUARD, as part of the Historic Scotland Human Remains Call-off Contract. This revealed a burial of a mature male of approximately 50–59 years of age, placed in a grave adjacent to a marker stone. The burial was crouched and aligned north–south and accompanied by a small undecorated pot, a polished stone and a pumice polisher. A radiocarbon date of 1450–1290 cal BC (GU-13838) was obtained from human bone from the burial. A second, infant, individual, represented only by a fragment of mandible, was identified from disarticulated remains found at the burial.


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Barrowman, Rachel, Lorna Innes, Paul Duffy, Gavin MacGregor, and Beverley Ballin Smith. 2009. “A Bronze Age Burial from Pabay Mor, Isle of Lewis, Western Isles”. Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 29 (January), 1-15. https://doi.org/10.9750/issn.2056-7421.2009.29.1-15.