Excavation of Neolithic enclosures at Cowie Road, Bannockburn, Stirling, 1984-85

James S Rideout (Author)

A Clarke (Contributor)

T Cowie (Contributor)

M Cressey (Contributor)

D Hall (Contributor)

T Holden (Contributor)

D Jordan (Contributor)

P N Tavener (Contributor)

Cropmark, Postdefined Enclosure, Enclosures, Enclosure, Rig Furrow, Bowended Pitdefined Enclosure, Radiocarbon Dating, Stone, Pottery, Pit, Cartographic Sources, Pits
Neolithic, Post Medieval, Earlythird Millennium Bc, Medieval


Excavations undertaken in 1984 and 1985 on cropmark sites identified as pit and post alignments revealed a bow-ended pit-defined enclosure dated to late-fifth to mid-fourth millennium BC, a post-defined enclosure dated to the mid-fourth to early-third millennium BC, and possible domestic activity. The pits of the enclosure showed up to three phases of use with deposits containing Carinated Bowl-type pottery in the later phases. Medieval or post medieval `rig & furrow' overlay the site and a small assemblage of medieval pottery is also described. There are notes on: `Geology, geomorphology, and soils' by David Jordan (29--31); `Archaeological background' by J S Rideout (31--2); `The palaeochannel' by David Jordan (43--4); `Neolithic pottery' by Trevor Cowie (44--7); `Stone artefacts' by Ann Clarke (48--51); `Radiocarbon dated charcoals' by Michael Cressey (51); the results of radiocarbon dating; `Macroplant assessment' by Tim Holden (53--4); and `Appendix 1' (60--5) presenting tabulated information of phases in pits, and `Appendix 2: medieval and later features' (65--6) including `Medieval pottery' by D Hall (65--6) and cartographic sources.


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Rideout, J. S., Clarke, A., Cowie, T., Cressey, M., Hall, D., Holden, T., … Tavener, P. N. (1998). Excavation of Neolithic enclosures at Cowie Road, Bannockburn, Stirling, 1984-85. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 127, 29–68. https://doi.org/10.9750/PSAS.127.29.68

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