'Danes . . . in this Country': discovering the Vikings in Scotland

James Graham-Campbell (Author)

Viking Age, medieval, modern


The Rhind Lectures for 1995–6, on ‘Death and Wealth in Viking Scotland’, commenced with a review of the earliest known records pertaining to the discovery of the Vikings in Scotland, beginning in the 16th century. This paper expands on the lectures, surveying the development of our knowledge and understanding of Scandinavian settlement in Scotland, from an archaeological perspective, down to the opening years of the 20th century. Particular attention is given to the publications by J J A Worsaae and Daniel Wilson, in the mid-19th century, given their fundamental impetus towards the replacement of ‘antiquarian speculation’ by ‘scientific archaeology’ in Scotland. The latter part of the paper is devoted to a description and discussion of the outstanding contribution made by Joseph Anderson to Scottish Viking studies, during the second half of the 19th century.


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Graham-Campbell, J. (2005). ’Danes . . . in this Country’: discovering the Vikings in Scotland. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 134, 201–239. https://doi.org/10.9750/PSAS.134.201.239

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