Excavations at Kaimes Hill, Ratho, City of Edinburgh, 1964 -72

D D A Simpson (Author)

Richard A Gregory (Author)

Eileen M Murphy (Author)

A Clarke (Contributor)

L Cram (Contributor)

S Gormley (Contributor)

N M McQ Holmes (Contributor)

F Hunter (Contributor)

M McCartney (Contributor)

C McGill (Contributor)

E Nelis (Contributor)

Artefactual Analysis, Radiocarbon Dating, Funerary, Ritual
Prehistoric, Medieval, Mesolithic


Kaimes Hill, City of Edinburgh, has been the focus for both antiquarian and modern archaeological research since at least the mid-nineteenth century and has produced evidence for activity dating from the Mesolithic through to the medieval period. The paper assimilates this evidence, provides a complete account of the excavations undertaken over the ramparts, `hut circles', prehistoric ritual and funerary monuments by D D A Simpson between 1964--72, and presents the results obtained from recent artefactual analysis and radiocarbon dating. Specialist reports include


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Simpson, D., Gregory, R., Murphy, E., Clarke, A., Cram, L., Gormley, S., Holmes, N. M. M., Hunter, F., McCartney, M., McGill, C., & Nelis, E. (2005). Excavations at Kaimes Hill, Ratho, City of Edinburgh, 1964 -72. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 134, 65-118. https://doi.org/10.9750/PSAS.134.65.118

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