An Early Bronze Age 'dagger grave' from Rameldry Farm, near Kingskettle, Fife

Louise Baker (Author)

Alison Sheridan (Author)

Trevor Cowie (Author)

K Aheuser (Contributor)

E Cameron (Contributor)

S Chambers (Contributor)

M Davis (Contributor)

D Henderson (Contributor)

C Heron (Contributor)

P Northover (Contributor)

B O'Connor (Contributor)

H Redvers-Jones (Contributor)

Cists, Milston, Radiocarbon Dates, Grave, Inhumation, Whitby Jet, Cist
Rameldry Farm; Kingskettle; Fife; Scotland; UK
Early Bronze Age


In February 2000, ploughing disturbed the capstone of a cist, located on the side of a prominent knowe at Rameldry Farm, near Kingskettle in central Fife. Excavation by Headland Archaeology Ltd on behalf of Historic Scotland revealed a short cist which contained the crouched inhumation of a man aged 40–50, who had suffered from arthritis, some tooth loss and possibly Paget’s Disease. He had been buried wearing a garment adorned with six V-perforated buttons. Five of these are of Whitby jet (including one with unique decoration including inlaid tin); the sixth is of the mineral lizardite, and has an enigmatic coating, possibly a glaze. Behind his shoulder was a dagger, of ‘Milston type (East Kennet variant)’; it had had a fancy horn hilt and a scabbard lined with animal skin. The scabbard yielded two AMS radiocarbon dates, with a mean value of 2280–1970 cal BC at 2s.


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Baker, L., Sheridan, A., Cowie, T., Aheuser, K., Cameron, E., Chambers, S., Davis, M., Henderson, D., Heron, C., Northover, P., O’Connor, B., & Redvers-Jones, H. (2004). An Early Bronze Age ’dagger grave’ from Rameldry Farm, near Kingskettle, Fife. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 133, 85-123.

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