Excavations at Dun Ardtreck, Skye, in 1964 and 1965

Euan W MacKie (Author)

E Campbell (Contributor)

J Henderson (Contributor)

A Newman (Contributor)

B Noddle (Contributor)

E Photos-Jones (Contributor)

A Robertson (Contributor)

P Webster (Contributor)

Settlement Sites, Floor, Pottery, Wall, Sherd, Hollow Wall, Wooden Roundhouse, Ramp
Iron Age, Roman, 1964, Second Centuries Bc


Reports investigations at Dun Ardtreck, a small D-shaped drystone strong-hold surrounded by an outer wall, which is located on the west coast of Skye, on a rock knoll with a sheer cliff. It could be one of a small group of sites with a high broch hollow wall but which were not circular towers. Considers the original height of the now ruined wall. Construction was probably in the first or second centuries BC and was followed by two distinct phases of occupation. In the second phase of occupation a wooden roundhouse with a raised floor may have been located within the higher-walled structure, although direct evidence is lacking. A fierce fire put an end to this occupation and the wall was pulled down. The ruins were re-occupied after a ramp containing Roman material was built against the entrance passage, facilitating easier access. Native pottery and Roman material suggest that occupation did not continue beyond the third or fourth centuries AD, however a sherd of E ware on top of layer implies that it went on at least until AD 500. Includes separately authored reports on:


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MacKie, E. W., Campbell, E., Henderson, J., Newman, A., Noddle, B., Photos-Jones, E., … Webster, P. (2002). Excavations at Dun Ardtreck, Skye, in 1964 and 1965. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 130, 301–411. https://doi.org/10.9750/PSAS.130.301.411

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