Norrie's Law, Fife: on the nature and dating of the silver hoard

James Graham-Campbell (Author)

Silver Treasure, Silver Hoard, Hoard, Silver, Pictish Silver
Late Roman


Conflicting opinions concerning the deposition date of the silver treasure from Norrie's Law, Lower Largo, Fife, are reviewed in the light of the nineteenth century records of its discovery and contents, most of which were melted down when it was found in (or about) 1819. It is concluded that the hoard comprised predominantly Pictish silver, with some Late Roman elements, and was deposited most probably during the second half of the seventh century. A hitherto unrecognised fragment of Hiberno-Viking silver arm-ring is presumed to represent an otherwise unknown find from the Largo estate.


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Graham-Campbell, J. (1992). Norrie’s Law, Fife: on the nature and dating of the silver hoard. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 121, 241–260.

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