Excavation of two Orcadian burnt mounds at Liddle and Beaquoy

John Hedges (Author)

D D Harkness (Contributor)

R L Jones (Contributor)

C M K Tasker (Contributor)

P Murphy (Contributor)

R E Chaplin (Contributor)

S H Trewin (Contributor)

S Sofranoff (Contributor)

Burnt Mounds, Flint, Stone Buildings
1300100 Bc


ND 464841; HY 301219. Extensive excavation of two 'burnt mounds' suggests that, in Orkney at least, they are the remains of permanent farming settlements. Both mounds covered traces of substantial stone buildings associated with flat-rimmed ware, hammerstones, stone ard-shares, quernstones and flint implements. Radiocarbon and thermoluminescence analyses gave dates in the range 1300-100 BC. The discussion includes a detailed survey of the evidence from burnt mounds throughout the British Isles. AR


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Hedges, J., Harkness, D. D., Jones, R. L., Tasker, C. M. K., Murphy, P., Chaplin, R. E., … Sofranoff, S. (1977). Excavation of two Orcadian burnt mounds at Liddle and Beaquoy. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 106, 39–98. https://doi.org/10.9750/PSAS.106.39.98

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