Excavations at the Roman fort of Crawford, Lanarkshire

Gordon Maxwell (Author)

Timber, Coarse Wares Organic Remains, Encroaching Heath, Coins Metalwork Leather, Ditch, Fort, Samian, Defences
Ad 140, Roman, Ad 87 A Second


NS 954214. The primary fort was an Agricolan foundation, built in AD 80 or 81 and abandoned, its timber buildings dismantled, soon after AD 87. A second phase of occupation began around AD 140 when the original ditch system was modified; the end of this first Antonine period was very quickly followed by a second Antonine occupation. This time the fort was enlarged and the defences recast. Final abandonment occurred between 165 and 170 apparently as part of a planned military withdrawal. Finds included coins, metalwork, leather shoes and samian and coarse wares. Organic remains indicated a contemporary natural environment of mixed deciduous forest with encroaching heath and peat-bog. A R


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