A regression-time stone-workers' camp, 33ft OD, Lussa River, Isle of Jura

John Mercer (Author)

Dr J D George (Contributor)

Mrs J D George (Contributor)

M Y Stant (Contributor)

R Waterston (Contributor)

G H Collins (Contributor)

R W Sanderson (Contributor)

A E A Werner (Contributor)

R E Binn (Contributor)

H McKerrell (Contributor)

D R Brothwell (Contributor)

Tool, Microliths, Flint, Seeds Charcoal, Human Hair


NR 644873. A seasonal camping site was represented by a layer of occupation material on a terrace above Lussa River; excavation yielded insects, seeds, charcoal, red ochre, pumice, a human hair and 1500 flint and quartz artefacts. Chisels and microliths predominate amongst a tool assemblage which is seen as the last of three microlithic phases in N Jura; radiocarbon dates fall in third millennium bc. The relationship between sites on Jura and Oronsay is discussed and doubt is thrown on the cultural status of the "Obanian". AR See also author's note on new 14C dates from Jura, Antiquity, 48, 1974, 65-6.


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Mercer, J., George, D. J. D., George, M. J. D., Stant, M. Y., Waterston, R., Collins, G. H., … Brothwell, D. R. (1974). A regression-time stone-workers’ camp, 33ft OD, Lussa River, Isle of Jura. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 103, 1–32. https://doi.org/10.9750/PSAS.103.1.32