Rosal: a deserted township in Strath Naver, Sutherland

Horace Fairhurst (Author)

Settlement, Wall, Pottery, Excavation, English Wares, Pit
Bronze Age, Late 18th


NC 690415. The survey is based upon fieldwork, documentary sources and excavation, and demonstrates a long history of intermittent settlement from the Bronze Age until the Clearances of 1814-8. About seventy structures of the period immediately before the Clearances are distinguished and classed as dwellings, outhouses, yards and corn-drying kilns; the absence of the more specialised buildings indicates the nature of Rosal as a purely farming community. The buildings and arable rigs are contained within an irregular stone wall and form three clusters. One complex examined in detail contained a longhouse, an adjacent barn, an outhouse included within a stretch of dyke, a stackyard and a large pit. The pottery, mass-produced imitations of English wares, was probably made in the Glasgow or Forth areas, and dates from the late 18th and very early 19th centuries (see also 70/894). Au


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