Further discoveries at Brackmont Mill, Backmont Farm and Tentsmuir, Fife

I Longworth (Author)

R D M Candow (Author)

R Crerar (Author)

D Henderson (Author)

Settlement, Burials, Surface Scatter Of Beaker, Beaker, Ceramic, Cremation, Plain Bowl, Grooved Ware, Pottery, Sherds Stones Flint, Burnt Material, Cremations, Vessels Conical Bowls, Bowls, Coarse Wares
Neolithic, Bronze Age, Late Neolithic


Three collections are described. 1) The Brackmont sandpit finds of 1954-8 comprise cordoned and collared urns with cremations and a corded beaker covered by a plain bowl without cremation. In an adjoining field a surface scatter of beaker and cordoned sherds suggested a plough-destroyed domestic site and further burials. 2) The Brackmont pit, 4ft across by 3ft deep, contained Late Neolithic sherds, stones, flint and burnt material. The high proportion of rim-sherds suggests deliberate selection. Biconical and cordoned vessels, conical bowls with bevelled rims and open bowls are represented; the collection is related to, but distinct from, the Glenluce and Hedderwick sand-dune series. The Beaker-derived traditions and the varied forms foreshadow the ceramic range of the full Bronze Age. 3) The collection from Tentsmuir sand-dunes indicates intermittent settlement in NE Fifeshire from the Late Neolithic through much of the Bronze Age. Grooved ware (Rinyo 1), Beaker, Food Vessel, collared, cordoned, biconical and coarse wares are all represented.


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Longworth, I., Candow, R. D. M., Crerar, R., & Henderson, D. (1968). Further discoveries at Brackmont Mill, Backmont Farm and Tentsmuir, Fife. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 99, 60-92. https://doi.org/10.9750/PSAS.099.60.92

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