Memoirs - James Curle and Arthur J H Edwards

Ian A Richmond (Author)

V Childe (Author)



Short accounts of the lives and achievements of James Curle and Arthur J H Edwards. Curle's account of the brochs at Bow and Torwoodlee, which he contributed to the Society's Proceedings, still holds its place as the basic description of two of the most remarkable early monuments of the Lowlands while his work at Newsteads Fort laid the foundations for a typology of Roman objects found in Scotland. Arthur Edwards was director of the museum from 1938-44. As a result of his studies he was able to initiate a new era in the conservation of the relics of Scotland's past, and the splendid iron work from Newstead, Traprain Law, and Viking graves constitutes enduring monuments to his skill.


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Richmond, I. A., & Childe, V. (1944). Memoirs - James Curle and Arthur J H Edwards. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 78, 145–151.

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