Newly-discovered short cist burials with beakers

V Gordon Childe (Author)

Arthur J H Edwards (Author)

Alexander Low (Author)

Margaret O MacDougall (Author)

E V Laing (Contributor)

Leather, Charcoal, Flint, Beaker Vessel, Bead, Burials, Blade, Beakers, Jet, Pin, Flint Flake, Sheath
Later Sixteenth Century


A short cist at Lochend contained a crouched adult male skeleton with a Beaker vessel, a flint nodule and charcoal. A short cist at Kirkaldy contained a Beaker urn, a tanged blade of bronze with a hazel-wood haft, and a smaller bronze object like a pin, a flint flake, twelve conical buttons, and an elongated bead of "jet" and a very decayed skeleton. A second cist contained portions of a leather covering with a bone-hafted knife-dagger in its sheath; small fragments of woven fabric were adhering to the leather. A cist at West Fenton contained an adolescent skeleton and a beaker vessel. A cist at Nunraw contained a skeleton and a Beaker vessel.


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Childe, V., Edwards, A., Low, A., MacDougall, M., & Laing, E. V. (1944). Newly-discovered short cist burials with beakers. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 78, 106-119.

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