A Roman oven at Mumrills, Falkirk

With Appendix: Slag from a Roman Oven on the site of the Fort at Mumrills, Falkirk

Anne S Robertson (Author)

J A Smythe (Author)

Forts, Oven, Furnace, Wood
Roman, 1941


The oven was fully exposed and recorded in 1941. Analysis of the clay indicated that it had not been subjected to a very high temperature, comparable, for example, with that required for smelting iron or firing bricks. The oven could only have been used for baking. A piece of slag-like material found in a layer of burned clay inside the oven was identified as furnace-clinker formed by the burning of coal indicative of a fairly high temperature though not so high as in a smelting furnace. This does not prove that coal was used at Mumrills; all the evidence points to the use of wood as fuel. In its general plan and in the way in which it was worked, the Mumrills\r\noven resembled the circular baking-ovens commonly used in Roman forts.


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Robertson, A., & Smythe, J. (1942). A Roman oven at Mumrills, Falkirk. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 76, 119-127. https://doi.org/10.9750/PSAS.076.119.127

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