The Abbey of Aberbrothock: Two Early Thirteenth-Century Seals

J Gilruth (Author)

Early Thirteenth Century


Two seals were found in the debris of the monastery of the Abbey of Arbroath. The church of the monastery was founded by King William the Lion in 1178 and dedicated to Thomas a Becket. The translation of the legend of one of the items is "Seal of Robert de Lambile". The second seal bears the legend "Prior W. (or Dom. W.) the son of Matheus, monk of Aberbrothock." Both the seals belong to the early thirteenth century, and are connected with Arbroath Abbey Monastery. They were probably made by the same person, and about the same time. They were probably used by a prior of the family of De Lambeley, which family gave at least two other officials to the monastery, Richard de Lambeley, Prior, and Radulph de Lambeley, Abbot; and a prior named W. whose father may have been one of the several persons called Matheus mentioned in the documents, and whose name may be recorded in a particular charter. The seals were probably in use by those Priors in the election of new Abbots, and when they acted as Vice-Regent in the Abbot's absence.


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