The Bannatyne or Bute Mazer and its Carved Bone Cover

With Appendix: (1) Note on the Provenance of the Mazer; (2) Note on the Boss of the Mazer; (3) Zoological Note on the Whale Bone Cover of the Mazer; (4) Botanical Note on the Plant represented in the Carving on the Mazer Cover; (5) George Robertson's (erroneous) Account of the Shields on the Bowl

J H Stevenson (Author)

Lionel A Crichton (Author)

William Brook (Author)

James Ritchie (Author)

W Wright Smith (Author)

Silver, Wood Carved Bone, Cup, Drinking Cup


The mazer, or medieval drinking cup, is an ornate example of its type, comprising wood, carved bone and silver with many heraldic symbols. The names of Robert and Ninian Bannatyne of Kames are engraved on a silver band encircling the edge of the cup.


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Stevenson, J., Crichton, L. A., Brook, W., Ritchie, J., & Smith, W. W. (1931). The Bannatyne or Bute Mazer and its Carved Bone Cover. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 65, 217-255.

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