Some Ancient Crosses in Dumbartonshire and adjoining Counties

A D Lacaille (Author)

Churchyard, Cup Marks, Carving
13th, 14th Century


At Craigmaddie Muir the complete group of carvings on a living rock consists of the cruciform figure, a small cup-shaped hollow, a small serpent-like carving, and another like the impression of the right foot of an adult above the medium height, all fairly well preserved. Three crosses are in the churchyard at Luss. Two are carved slabs with Latin crosses. The third had originally been free-standing and was carved on both sides. Two stones at Roseneath have crosses and swords, while the third has plain rope moulding. At Dumgoyach and Kilmun crosses are associated with cup marks. An example from Barnakill has a cross and Hiberno-Saxon miniscules (lower-case lettering).


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Lacaille, A. (1925). Some Ancient Crosses in Dumbartonshire and adjoining Counties. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 59, 143-153.

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