Recent Discoveries in Arran

Ludovic McLellan Mann (Author)

Floor Slabs, Flanged, Ring Of Stones, Walls, Palstave, Flint Knife, Cairn, Crucible
Ad 151, Roman


A round cairn with passage, central chamber, and ring of stones was excavated near Carmahome. The central circular chamber was well-constructed with flooring and walls formed of vertically set slabs. The chamber sat within a circle of originally ten uprights, all covered by the cairn. A flint knife was found below one of the floor slabs. Three fragments of bronze axe-heads of the flanged or early palstave type were found at Pirnmill during building work. The axe-heads are very similar, yet were made in different moulds. The little hoard was probably left by an itinerant founder; it was not a merchant's stock or a personal hoard. The axes were old before\r\nthey were deposited in the ground, as they have anciently been broken up into convenient fragments, perhaps for the crucible.


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Mann, L. (1925). Recent Discoveries in Arran. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 59, 252-256.

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