Skipness Castle

Angus Graham (Author)

R G Collingwood (Author)

Motte, Ditch Mound
Ad 800


This new account of the castle was prompted by the removal of farm buildings which increased visibility and allowed for the production of large-scale accurate plans. It is concluded that a ditch, mound and motte never existed as had previously been argued. The strategic value of the site is small, and its military aspect may be summed up by saying that the castle is capable enough of looking after itself but does not appear to be looking after anything else. The whole structure is now\r\nreduced to a bare enceinte with a keep in its north-east corner which is described and illustrated in detail. The earlier account of the castle is largely discounted.


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Graham, A., & Collingwood, R. (1923). Skipness Castle. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 57, 266-287.

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