The Architectural History of Huntly Castle

W Douglas Simpson (Author)

Castle, Round Tower, Motte
1569, 1752, 1799


The architectural history of Huntly Castle, which was the seat of the Gordon family, is complex. The chief feature is the great oblong keep, about 76 feet in length and 36 in breadth; having a large round tower, 38 feet in diameter, attached to its south-west corner, and, diagonally opposite to this, another tower, also round but far smaller and slighter. Reference is made to three drawings of 1799 which provide detail now lost. The castle began life as a 13th-century motte and bailey. The castle was wrecked after the battle of Corrichie in 1562 and restored in 1569. The final destruction took place in 1752.


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Simpson, W. (1922). The Architectural History of Huntly Castle. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 56, 134-163.

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