Ancient Remains at Birnam, Perthshire

Thomas McLaren (Author)

Hollow, Cup Marks Rohallion Castle, Fort, Defences


Duncan's Camp is a fort which occupies Duncan's Hill. The camp is roughly oval and it main axis running north-south is eighty yards in length. There are artificial defences on the north side while the others are naturally steep. On the upper surface of a large bench of undisturbed rock at Birnam Hill which slopes slightly towards the west is a group of twenty cup-marks, most of which are well formed and deeply cut. A detached mass nearby has three cup marks. Rohallion Castle lies in a hollow on the hillside completely dominated by a rocky eminence less than 100 yards\r\naway and its dimensions are very much smaller than is customary in ancient Scottish defensive buildings. It consists of a central block, oblong on plan with round towers at two diagonally opposite corners, and a series of outer defences.


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McLaren, T. (1920). Ancient Remains at Birnam, Perthshire. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 54, 204-210.