Report on the Partial Excavation of Dun Breac, Skipness

Angus Graham (Author)

Iron Slag, Floor, Strikealights, Mound, Wall, Walls, Charcoal Bone Burnt Stone, Fort
Ad 642, Seventh Century, 15th Century


The dun or fort is a mound with a flat top and sides covered by tumbled stones. It is a rough circle with a maximum diameter of 56 feet. The work done on the fort has consisted of clearing the tumbled stones away from what remains of the walls, and of excavating part of the interior. Very little evidence of the wall construction survives although a thickness of 10 feet is estimated. Two possible floor levels were identified in the interior along with a possible internal wall division. Charcoal, bone, burnt stone and a piece of iron slag were recovered along with two possible strike-a-lights.


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Graham, A. (1915). Report on the Partial Excavation of Dun Breac, Skipness. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 49, 50–55.

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