Anniversary meeting

30 November 1900

Anniversary address, Fellow elections, Donations, Female antiquarians, Meeting notes, Purchase


At the Anniversary Meeting the usual Society business was concluded including a report on the visitors to the Society's museum and how the collections expanded over the year. It was noted that the Society had lost an unusually high number of Fellows during this session. An obituary for Mr Robert Carfrae, one of the Curators, was read.

Following the death of several of the Society’s Honorary Members, six men were elected to replace them. Two Lady Associates were also elected, to replace the tow Lady Associates that died in this year. This marks the death of the first Lady Associate, Lady Alicia Ann Scott of Spottiswood, and the election of the last Lady Associate, Dr M A Murray (listed as Miss M A Murray).


Meeting notes for 10 December, 1900 are appended.


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