Appendix: Part 4

General Inferences

Appendix, Cup and Ring marks, Stone, Cairns, Graves


Chapter IX: Import of the Ring and Cup Cuttings

Chapter X: Their Alleged Phoenician Origin

Chapter XI: Their Probable Ornamental Character

Chapter XII: Their Possibly Religious Character

Chapter XIII: Question of their Age or Date

Chapter XIV: Their Precedence of Letters and Traditions

Chapter XV: Their Connection with Archaic Towns and Dwellings

Chapter XVI: Their Presence on the Stones of the most Ancient Kinds of Sepulture

Chapter XVII: The Archaic Character of the Contemporaneous Relics found in Combination with them

Chapter XVIII: The Kind of Tools Required for the Sculpturings

Chapter XIX: Their Antiquity, as shown by their Geographical Distribution in the British Islands

Chapter XX: The Race that first Introduced the Lapidary Ring and Cup Sculpturings


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