Vice President's Address

26 January 1864

Cosmo Innes (Author)

Conversazione, Edward VII, Female Antiquarians, Meeting notes, Fellow election, Donations


Vice President Cosmo Innes delivered this address at a Special Conversazione Meeting of the Society attended by the Prince Albert Edward (Edward VII). He discussed the Society’s role in publishing its members’ findings in the Transactions and highlighted the contributions of some of the Society’s founding members. However he did acknowledge that some of their work was less analytical than contemporary studies. He described some of the key themes and discoveries of these members’ findings and their importance to the study of Scottish history and archaeology. He also emphasised the contribution of women to the study of the past and the role of the Society’s Museum in contextualising artefacts.


Meeting notes for 8 February, 1864 are appended.


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Innes, C. (1865). Vice President’s Address. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 5, 196-222.

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