Notice of Monoliths in the Island of Mull

Thomas McLauchlan (Author)

Stone circle, Standing stone, Gaelic, Pilgrimage
Early medieval, Medieval


The author notes that although there are several possible theories for the purpose of standing stones and stone circles in Scotland, it is generally accepted that they are pre-Christian sites. The article goes on to discuss a line of standing stones on the Ross of Mull, beginning at the crossing to Iona and continuing for several miles. The local understanding of these stones is that they were used as place markers for pilgrims trying to reach Iona. The author points out that this means the stones were early Christian monuments rather than Pre-Christian. He discusses other standing stones and stone circles that might be Christian sites but acknowledges that some sites are more likely to be Pre-Christian.


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McLauchlan, T. (1864). Notice of Monoliths in the Island of Mull. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 5, 46–52.