Anniversary Meeting

29 November 1861

- - (Author)

James Farrer (Contributor)

David Laing (Contributor)

Anniversary Address, Conversazione, Meeting notes, Fellow election, Donations, Female Antiquarians, Queen Victoria, Albert, Prince Consort


At the Anniversary meeting the usual Society business was concluded including a report on the visitors to the Society's museum and how the collections expanded over the year. Mr James Farrer was elected as an Honorary Member in recognition of his work on preserving and recording the archaeology of Orkney.


Notice of a Conversazione held 9 December, 1861 is appended. The Vice-President David Laing gave the Inaugural Address on the History of the Society. This address was later printed at the beginning of Archaeologia Scotica Volume 5.


Meeting notes for 13 January, 1862 are appended. The meeting began with the reading of a letter addressed to Queen Victoria expressing the Society’s condolences on the death of her husband, Prince Albert.


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