a major ecclesiastical centre of the Picts

Gordon Noble (Author)

Gemma Cruikshanks (Author)

Lindsay Dunbar (Author)

Nicholas Evans (Author)

Derek Hall (Author)

Derek Hamilton (Author)

Cathy MacIver (Author)

Edouard Masson-MacLean (Author)

James O'Driscoll (Author)

Lindsey Paskulin (Author)

Oskar Sveinbjarnarson (Author)

Sculpture, Church, Early Christian, vallum, Pictish, Early medieval
Early medieval


The early Christian sculpture from Kinneddar has long been noted as a major assemblage. New survey work by the University of Aberdeen and AOC Archaeology has identified a large vallum enclosure around the site that was renewed on at least one occasion. The vallum enclosures surrounded an area of up to 8.6ha, and the groundplan presents striking resemblances to other major ecclesiastical sites, particularly Iona. Evaluative excavations instigated through research- and development-led projects have provided an outline chronology for the vallum enclosures, identified an additional annexe and has located settlement features inside the enclosures. Radiocarbon dating suggests activity as early as the late 6th century with the vallum likely to date to the 7th or 8th century. This article sets out the evidence from the site and discusses Kinneddar in relation to other likely major ecclesiastical sites in northern Pictland and its wider early medieval Insular context.


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Noble, G., Cruikshanks, G., Dunbar, L., Evans, N., Hall, D., Hamilton, D., … Sveinbjarnarson, O. (2019). Kinneddar: a major ecclesiastical centre of the Picts. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 148, 113–145.