Four excavations in Perth, 1979-84

David Bowler (Author)

Adrian Cox (Author)

Catherine Smith (Author)

Martin Brann (Contributor)

Neil McGavin (Contributor)

Peter Clark (Contributor)

Linda Blanchard (Contributor)

Derek Hall (Contributor)

Barbara Ford (Contributor)

Catherine Underwood (Contributor)

Neil Cameron (Contributor)

Ian Hodgson (Contributor)

Margaret Bruce (Contributor)

Helen Bennett (Contributor)

Clare Thomas (Contributor)

Alice Walsh (Contributor)

Frank Moran (Contributor)

Human Skeletal Remains, Kilns, Ceramic, Animal Bone, Dominican Friary, Ditch, Artefacts, Cemetery Evidence Blackfriars House, Stone Shot


Reports: medieval--post-medieval malting kilns at `Mill Street' by Martin Brann & Neil McGavin (ed David Bowler) (918--30); early medieval buildings at `King Edward Street' by Peter Clark & Linda Blanchard (ed David Bowler) (931--8); investigations into possible Dominican Friary site at `Kinnoull Street' by David Bowler & Derek Hall (939--47) including cemetery evidence; `Blackfriars House' by David Bowler & Derek Hall (947--54). The artefacts section, by B Ford (959--79) includes notes on: `Horse equipment' by B Ellis (963); `Numismatica' by N Holmes (965); `Porous ceramic material' by C Underwood (965); `Stone shot' by M Brann (966); `Doorway pediment' by N Cameron & D Bowler (966); `Ceramic building material' by D W Hall (968, 970); `Textiles' by H Bennett (971); `Leather' by C Thomas & A Walsh~(971). There are details of `The human skeletal remains from Kinnoull Street' by M Bruce (ed A Cox) (979--85), `Animal bone' by C Smith (986--9), `The botanical remains: Mill Street & King Edward Street' by D Robinson (ed C Smith) (990--3). Finally, `Pollen and particle size analysis of ditch deposits' by D Robinson (ed C Smith) (994) concludes proceedings.


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Bowler, D., Cox, A., Smith, C., Brann, M., McGavin, N., Clark, P., … Moran, F. (1996). Four excavations in Perth, 1979-84. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 125, 917–999.