Some excavations on the line of the Antonine Wall 1985-93

Lawrence J F Keppie (Author)

Geoff B Bailey (Author)

Andrew J Dunwell (Author)

J H McBrien (Author)

Keith Speller (Author)

J D Bateson (Contributor)

S Boardman (Contributor)

C Dickson (Contributor)

M Henig (Contributor)

R Tipping (Contributor)

P V Webster (Contributor)

Ditch, Fort Defences, Intaglio, Pottery, Antonine Wall


Presents the results of twenty-one excavations and watching briefs along the Wall. The alignment of the Wall and the position of fort defences were identified in several places. New information about the superstructure of the Wall, soldiers' diet, and the contemporary environment was obtained. There are specialist reports on: Botanical remains from the inner ditch' by Sheila Boardman & Camilla Dickson (653); `Plant macrofossils' by Sheila Boardman (654--5); and `Pollen analysis' by Camilla Dickson (655--6). `Appendix 1: casual finds along the Wall' edited by G B Bailey (661--3) includes notes on pottery fragments from P V Webster (661), an intaglio by M Henig (661--2), and coins by J D Bateson (663). `Appendix 2: Mungo Buchanan's account of excavations at Watling Lodge in 1894' edited by G B Bailey (664--5), `Appendix 3: analysis of rampart material Tayavalla' by R Tipping (666), and `Appendix 4: analysis of botanical remains from Kirkintilloch' by Sheila Boardman & Camilla Dickson (666--8) complete proceedings.


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Keppie, L. J. F., Bailey, G. B., Dunwell, A. J., McBrien, J. H., Speller, K., Bateson, J. D., … Webster, P. V. (1996). Some excavations on the line of the Antonine Wall 1985-93. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 125, 601–672.

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