The Lukis family of Guernsey and antiquarian pursuits in Scotland

Heather Sebire (Author)

Guernsey, Channel Islands, Lukis, Frederick Corbin Lukis, megaliths, monuments, Henry Dryden, William Lukis
early modern


Frederick Corbin Lukis lived in Guernsey in the Channel Islands from 1788 to 1871. He was
an archaeologist and polymath who created a remarkable archaeological and natural
history archive, the majority of which is now held in the collections of Guernsey Museum. His
archaeological work included excavations in Guernsey and the other Channel Islands, and also in
England and France, mainly on megaliths. He corresponded on a range of topics with antiquarians
in many places, including Scotland. His third son, William Lukis, carried out surveys of many
monuments in Scotland with his friend and colleague Henry Dryden. Many of these plans are
also held in the collections of Guernsey Museum along with various notes and letters. This paper
highlights some of the archive relating to Scotland and gives an appendix of material held at
Guernsey Museum.


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