Medieval Roxburgh: a preliminary assessment of the burgh and its locality

Colin Martin (Author)

Richard Oram (Author)

John Gater (Contributor)

George Haggarty (Contributor)

Derek Hall (Contributor)

Philip Harding (Contributor)

Stephanie Knight (Contributor)

Lorraine Mepham (Contributor)

Chris Stevens (Contributor)

bridge, road, church


Little surface trace now remains of the royal burgh of Roxburgh in the Scottish Borders, which flourished between the 12th and 15th centuries AD. By the early 16th century it had been abandoned. Documentary sources, maps, topographical analysis and aerial photography have been brought together in a preliminary attempt to define the burgh’s location, defences, internal morphology, historical and environmental contexts, and associated extramural features including bridges, roads, suburbs, churches and mills. Some of these assessments have been tested by geophysical survey and small-scale excavation sanctioned by Historic Scotland and conducted by GSB Prospection and Wessex Archaeology on behalf of Channel 4’s Time Team. Work to date is summarized as a basis for formulating a long-term research agenda and management structure for this important site. 


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Martin, C., Oram, R., Gater, J., Haggarty, G., Hall, D., Harding, P., … Stevens, C. (2008). Medieval Roxburgh: a preliminary assessment of the burgh and its locality. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 137, 357–404.

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