New light on Kelso Abbey

archaeological interventions on the Bridge Street Garage Site, 1996-8

Christopher Lowe (Author)

Julie Franklin (Contributor)

Mhairi Hastie (Contributor)

David Henderson (Contributor)

Effie Photos-Jones (Contributor)

Simon Stronach (Contributor)

Monastic Granary, Gardens, Pottery, Pink Gritty Ware, copper-based alloy, abbey


Archaeological fieldwork on the old garage site on Bridge Street, Kelso, has revealed the extensive and well-preserved remains of buildings associated with the Abbey precinct. A series of large, substantial structures lay immediately to the west of the site of the cloister's west range. Pottery from the site includes stratified examples of an early pink Gritty Ware, similar to that found in early levels at Jedburgh. A rare condiment dish, possibly thirteenth-century in date, was also found. Evidence of copper-based alloy working was also identified. Two principal phases of construction were identified, separated by a major reorganisation and landscaping of the site, in perhaps the late-thirteenth or early-fourteenth century. One of the later buildings is tentatively identified as the monastic granary. There are indications that this part of the precinct was possibly abandoned prior to the Dissolution in the late-sixteenth century. Forming part of the later glebe lands, the area was ultimately given over to gardens. Includes separately authored contributions on


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Lowe, C., Franklin, J., Hastie, M., Henderson, D., Photos-Jones, E., & Stronach, S. (2006). New light on Kelso Abbey: archaeological interventions on the Bridge Street Garage Site, 1996-8. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 135, 319–342.

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