Improving the roads and bridges of the Stirling area c 1660-1706

John G Harrison (Author)

Bridges, road
Medieval, early modern


The later 17th century saw a marked improvement in the public road system of the Stirling area, with new bridges, better road surfaces and probably some straightening and widening of the roads. In Stirlingshire this work was co-ordinated by the Justices of the Peace, whilst in Clackmannanshire the Justices joined in a more general committee for administering the sheriffdom. They used a combination of statute labour, taxes, fines and charitable donations to finance the work, which was sufficiently effective to make a recognizable contribution to the local economy. It is likely that similar improvements were taking place in other areas, at least in southern and central Scotland, during the same period. An alphabetical Appendix of the bridges recorded in this paper, giving further details of dating, work undertaken etc will be deposited with the National Monuments Record of Scotland and with Stirling Council Archives.


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Harrison, J. G. (2006). Improving the roads and bridges of the Stirling area c 1660-1706. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 135, 287–307.