A Cordoned Urn burial with faience from 102 Findhorn, Moray

Ian A G Shepherd (Author)

Alexandra N Shepherd (Author)

A McDonald (Contributor)

F Powell (Contributor)

J A Sheridan (Contributor)

P Wilthew (Contributor)

Faience Beads, Cremations [By Period], Flint, Bead, Burial, Charcoal, Pit, Beads
Bronze Age, Nineteenth Century, Bp


Report on the discovery of a large Cordoned Urn containing the cremated remains of an adult female and a neonate or foetal infant. The urn also contained twenty-two mostly fragmentary segmented beads and one star-shaped bead, all faience. The urn had been inverted in a pit and pyre debris placed over the upper fill of the pit. This deposit contained a further two faience beads, one star-shaped and incomplete, the other quoit-shaped, and a small chunk of flint. The urn and beads are similar to those found on Culbin Sands nearby during the nineteenth century. Charcoal from the pyre debris was radiocarbon dated to c.3410 BP.


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Shepherd, I. A. G., Shepherd, A. N., McDonald, A., Powell, F., Sheridan, J. A., & Wilthew, P. (2002). A Cordoned Urn burial with faience from 102 Findhorn, Moray. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 131, 101–128. https://doi.org/10.9750/PSAS.131.101.128

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