Excavation of Pictish and Viking-age farmsteads at Buckquoy, Orkney

Anna Ritchie (Author)

Barbara Noddle (Contributor)

D Bramwell (Contributor)

Alwyne Wheeler (Contributor)

J G Evans (Contributor)

Penny Spencer (Contributor)

J Hillsdon Smith (Contributor)

K H Jackson (Contributor)

G H Collins (Contributor)

Thomas Fanning (Contributor)

Farmsteads, Ringheaded Pin Gaming, Bone, Burial, Pins
10th Century


HY 243282. Excavation revealed five superimposed farmsteads and quantities of finds. Phases I-II were Pictish, 7th to early 8th centuries, with a distinctive 'figure-of-eight' shaped house plan in II. Phases III-V had typically Norse house plans, and a final date for occupation is provided by a furnished burial made in the ruins of the Phase V house and dated to third quarter of 10th century. A degree of social integration between Pict and Norseman seems evident. Substantial quantities of data on environment and economy are the subject of specialist reports, and among the small finds are a ring-headed pin, gaming boards, and bone combs and animal-headed pins.


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Ritchie, A., Noddle, B., Bramwell, D., Wheeler, A., Evans, J. G., Spencer, P., … Fanning, T. (1979). Excavation of Pictish and Viking-age farmsteads at Buckquoy, Orkney. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 108, 174–227. https://doi.org/10.9750/PSAS.108.174.227

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