Excavations south of Edinburgh High Street, 1973-4

John Schofield (Author)

Philip Armitage (Contributor)

Marinell Ash (Contributor)

Raymond Chaplin (Contributor)

Linda Barnetson (Contributor)

R J Charleston (Contributor)

Pamela Clarke (Contributor)

J G Hurst (Contributor)

Elizabeth Eames (Contributor)

David Heppell (Contributor)

Neil Hynd (Contributor)

Nicholas Holmes (Contributor)

Graeme Lawson (Contributor)

Lisbeth Thoms (Contributor)

Pottery German Stonewares Floor Tiles Glass, Clay Tobacco Pipes, Animal Bones, Wall
19th Century, 17th, 14th To 16th Centuries, Late 15th Century


NT 260735. Remains of houses of 14th to 16th centuries were uncovered, together with walling interpreted as the late 15th century city wall or King's Wall built in response to a royal charter. Considerable documentary evidence in the form of deeds and protocol books exists for the area, but it was of limited archaeological value owing to the difficulty of pinpointing properties on the ground. Finds include coarse pottery, German stonewares, floor tiles, glass, coins, a large group of 17th and 19th century clay tobacco pipes and an important sample of animal bones. A R


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Schofield, J., Armitage, P., Ash, M., Chaplin, R., Barnetson, L., Charleston, R. J., … Thoms, L. (1978). Excavations south of Edinburgh High Street, 1973-4. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 107, 155–241. https://doi.org/10.9750/PSAS.107.155.241