Ardrossan Castle, Ayrshire: a preliminary account

David H Caldwell (Author)

Vaulted Cellars, Courtyard, Wall, Doorway, Gatehouse, Graveslab, Lintel, Castle
Late 14th Century, 1484


NS 232422. The 13th-century castle had a small courtyard entered through a gatehouse with vaulted cellars to one side. The gatehouse was rebuilt, then refloored and the doorway narrowed and eventually blocked to convert it into a tower-house in late 14th century. A new entrance may have been made on the other side of the castle, with keyhole gunports in the wall; 16th-century mouthed gunports were added. A grave-slab was re-used as a lintel to an underground passage leading out to a well. Since the castle is first recorded in 1484, its purpose is considered in terms of local history and the genealogy of the holders of Ardrossan. D F R


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Caldwell, D. H. (1974). Ardrossan Castle, Ayrshire: a preliminary account. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 104, 201–221.

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