Excavation of a chambered cairn at Dalineun, Lorn, Argyll

J N Graham Ritchie (Author)

Audrey S Henshall (Contributor)

I J McInnes (Contributor)

C B Denston (Contributor)

Chambered Tomb, Flintwork, Beaker Sherds, Chamber, Cist, Cairn, Cairn Material, Burials Beaker Burials


NM 879267. The excavation of this multiperiod cairn clarified the relationship between a Clyde type chambered tomb and a simple massive cist formerly considered to be a potential protomegalith. The Clyde chamber proved to constitute the earliest building phase, set within a heel-shaped cairn and containing neolithic burials. Beaker burials formed a second phase of activity in the chamber, together with a small cist immediately outside the entrance. The entrance was then blocked and the cist covered by a semi-circular mass of stones. Finally a massive cist was inserted into the cairn material behind the chamber. Finds include Beaker sherds, a Food Vessel and flintwork. A R


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Ritchie, J. N. G., Henshall, A. S., McInnes, I. J., & Denston, C. B. (1974). Excavation of a chambered cairn at Dalineun, Lorn, Argyll. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 104, 48–62. https://doi.org/10.9750/PSAS.104.48.62

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