Excavation of the chambered cairn at Achnacreebeag

J N Graham Ritchie (Author)

A S Henshall (Contributor)

I J McInnes (Contributor)

Jet Disc Beads Beaker Pottery, Chambered Cairn, Flint Knife, Pottery Flints, Beacharra Ware, Pottery, Cairn


NM 929363. Excavation of a multi-period chambered cairn showed the passage-grave to be secondary to the simple closed chamber but shed no light on the morphological relationship between the two. The closed chamber was covered by a circular cairn which had been extended into an oval cairn when the passage-grave was built on to its perimeter. No dating evidence was found for the earlier tomb. Two phases of use were distinguished in the passage-grave, the first associated with Neolithic pottery (including Beacharra ware) and a plano-convex flint knife, and the second associated with the final blocking and with Beaker pottery, flints and jet disc beads. Beaker pottery found elsewhere in Lorn, Mull and N Argyll is discussed and catalogued. A R


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Ritchie, J. N. G., Henshall, A. S., & McInnes, I. J. . (1973). Excavation of the chambered cairn at Achnacreebeag. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 102, 31–55. https://doi.org/10.9750/PSAS.102.31.55