Notes on Some Antiquities from Sutherland

With a Report on Bones from Bronze Age cist at Dornoch submitted

J M Davidson (Author)

G H Edington (Contributor)

Long Bone, Carved Stone Ball, Flint Barbed, Skull, Mound, Bronze, Urn, Handle, Cist, Crouched Skeleton, Jaw Bone
Bronze Age


Two cists were found side by side at Achinchanter whilst ploughing. The crouched skeleton in the first cist was very badly decomposed and only fragments of skull and long bone survived. The second cist contained a human jaw bone, a flint barbed and tanged arrowhead, a Food Vessel and a fragment of bronze. A sculptured stone from Embo Street formed part of a cist. The symbol suggests the form of a much shortened spade with a greatly exaggerated handle. There is a single cup on the underside of the stone. Two cup-marked boulders at Duible are described along with a group of three tumuli and a carved stone ball from Golspie. A cist in a mound at Ascoilemore contained only an urn.


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Davidson, J. M., & Edington, G. H. (1940). Notes on Some Antiquities from Sutherland: With a Report on Bones from Bronze Age cist at Dornoch submitted. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 74, 13–23.