The Vitrified Fort at Rahoy, Morvern, Argyll

With a report on the axe

V Gordon Childe (Author)

Wallace Thorneycroft (Author)

Cecil H Desch (Contributor)

Pottery, Bone, Iron Axe, Rampart, Flint Scraper, Saddle Querns, Fort, Brooch


Excavation focussed on the outer face of the rampart and sections through the rampart. Although the whole interior of the fort was excavated to bed-rock, the number of relics recovered was small. Pottery and bone implements were totally absent. A broken flint scraper, two saddle querns and a looped and socketed iron axe and a bronze La Tene brooch were among the objects found. The brooch strengthens the evidence from Dunagoil and Duntroon for a date in the La Tene period for vitrified forts north of the Clyde-Forth line.


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Childe, V. G., Thorneycroft, W., & Desch, C. H. (1938). The Vitrified Fort at Rahoy, Morvern, Argyll: With a report on the axe. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 72, 23–43.

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