Anniversary meeting

30 November 1920

Anniversary address, Fellow elections, Donations, Purchase, Meeting notes, Female antiquarians


The usual business was conducted at the Anniversary meeting, including the election of new Fellows and the presentation of a list of deceased Fellows. Other reports presented included:
A report on the number of Fellows on the Society’s Roll
Brief obituaries for some of the Fellows who died in the previous year: Robert Munro, Erskine Beveridge, Lord Guthrie, Dr William Gemmell and Rev James Primrose.
A report on the progress of the Society’s forthcoming publications
A report on the items added to the Society’s museum and library collections over the previous session
A report on the Society’s excavations in Scotland
It is noted that the Rhind lectures in this year were given by Mrs Eugénie Strong on ‘Painting in the Roman Empire (from the last century of the Republic to about 800 AD)’. Mrs Strong was the first woman to deliver the Rhind lectures.
The Treasurer then presented the Annual Report on the Society’s finances.


Meeting notes for 13 December, 1920 are appended. Miss Alice H Warrender donated many artefacts from around Scotland that were collected by Lady A J Scott of Spottiswood.


[The journal notes that a paper titled 'Roman Bronze vessels of the casserole type, found at Barochan, Renfrewshire' by David Murray was delivered but the content of the communication was not recorded.]


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