The Stone Circle at Broomend of Crichie, Aberdeenshire

James Ritchie (Author)

Ditch, Stone Cists, Bank, Skeleton, Cremation, Double Burials, Cremation Burial
Eighteenth Century, Prehistoric


The circle forms part of a notable group of prehistoric monuments which has been extensively written about. A second larger circle was destroyed in the eighteenth century. Four stone cists included two which contained double burials and a unique horn spoon. An avenue extends from the circle to the area in which the cists were found. The surviving circle comprises a circular ditch and bank with a circle of stones within and a number of associated cremation deposits. A cist at the centre contained a skeleton and a cremation burial. One of the stones forming the circle is carved with the long-jawed animal usually called the elephant, and beneath it the crescent.\r\ncrossed by the V-shaped rod.


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Ritchie, J. (1920). The Stone Circle at Broomend of Crichie, Aberdeenshire. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 54, 154–172.

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