Notes on a Heraldic Button, a Pirlie Pig, and a Beggar's Badge from St Andrews

D Hay Fleming (Author)

Iron, Silver Coins


The button is made of iron and ivory which has been engraved and inlaid with gold wire. It has a central circle with a five cusped opening into which a cinque-foil has been inserted. It may have belonged to Archbishop Hamilton, who rebuilt St Andrews Castle, and was hanged at Stirling on the 7th of April 1571. A broken and incomplete pirlie pig (or money box) dates to the reign of James VI. A second example contained eight gold and one hundred and fifty silver coins. An oval beggar's badge of 1801 bears the figure of St Andrew holding his cross out in front of him. Possession of such a badge ensured that the beggar would be given alms.


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Fleming, D. H. (1912). Notes on a Heraldic Button, a Pirlie Pig, and a Beggar’s Badge from St Andrews. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 46, 348–356.

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