Notice of a Hoard of Bronze Implements recently found in Lewis

Joseph Anderson (Author)

Tanged Chisel, Tanged Blades, Polishing Stones, Amber, Vessel, Sandstone, Beads, Rivetholes


The hoard was found in a peat moss. Two pieces of very thin bronze, greatly decayed, may indicate that the objects were contained in a bowl or vessel of thin beaten bronze of considerable capacity. One piece is part of the lip, and the other shows the turning in of the bottom of a vessel that may have been large enough for the purpose. The hoard consisted of two socketed axes of different sizes, a socketed gouge, a spearhead with rivet-holes in the socket, a tanged chisel with stopridge\r\nand expanding curvilinear cutting edge; a socketed hammer, three thin oval tanged blades of the variety now generally described as razors'”all of bronze; a doubly conical bead of thin beaten gold, and two beads of amber and one of greenish\r\nglass with faint white spots. There were also two whetstones, or polishing stones, one of fine sharp sandstone and the other of a hard, close-grained, dark-coloured micaceous claystone with planed edges and its broad face polished by use. All the items are described in detail and illustrated.


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Anderson, J. (1911). Notice of a Hoard of Bronze Implements recently found in Lewis. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 45, 27–46.

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